Thursday, February 25, 2010

Megan + Kenneth - February 20, 2010

Great bride and groom, great friends and a beautiful winter snowflake theme held at the Dunes West Golf Club.

Monday, February 22, 2010

And the winner is?????

Being that I only had one qualifying entry for the contest - I'm happy to give this deserving couple a break in their wedding budget. So Aubrey and David, your wedding balance is

Meet Aubrey & David

I had the pleasure of doing their engagement session last September. I look forward to reading Aubrey's blog about their wedding and I can't wait to photograph their wedding this April.

Here's a little bit about them written by Aubrey:

We met in a pretty normal way. Dave used to work at a computer store/print shop downtown. There was a little sandwich shop around the corner where I cashiered during lunch. Dave used to come in and read during his lunch and eventually asked me to meet him for a beer.

I can't say the beginning of our relationship was anything out of the ordinary. For the first couple weeks, we kept things very casual. I thought he was very nice, but I just wasn't sure that I was into him.

Then I stopped by his store one afternoon to thank him for a CD he had loaned me. He was standing behind the counter with a cup of coffee in his hands, and the sunlight was falling directly on him. And I noticed that he had the the most sparkling blue eyes that I had ever seen. Something sparked for me, and my friends told me for weeks afterward that I was beaming whenever his name was mentioned.

He's never really been able to get rid of me since =)

Most people who meet us will be struck with the fact that we have pretty different taste in a lot of things, but when we decided last year to get married, we agreed on a lot about our wedding. We wanted a small gathering of our closest family and friends. We wanted a relaxed atmosphere with good food. We wanted to have fun. Weddings should be fun.

So we’re aiming for that on a budget: a beachy location, shrimp and grits for dinner, jukebox as a soundtrack and key lime cupcakes for dessert—all accented with the love and laughter we’ve had together for the last five years.

As we’ve planned the details of our wedding together, we’ve tried to incorporate some elements of a traditional wedding, while keeping an island-time vision and going with the flow. And one of our top priorities was choosing a photographer whose images would be unique to our day as we start this new leg of our journey together. We already chose Chi; we know she’ll get the job done and hopefully have fun alongside us that day. Getting a portion of our photography for free? That’s icing on the cupcake.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 Little Miracles

Meet Camden and his twin sister Madison. Both were born 4 months early and today are 5 months along and doing well. This is a preview - more to come later!

Meet aspiring photographer Mary Kate - she is a local high school student who wanted to shadow me today and learn a little bit about what I do. I think she still likes photography after today and maybe even babies to. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Wolf Family

She found where the water was dripping from :)

Splish Splash!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby Mariana

Here's a few favorites from her session - visit the slide show for even more.