Monday, December 27, 2010

and the finalists are...................

After 13 qualifying entries, it came down to a proud mother of the bride, a groom very much in love and a couple who survived a tragic loss. If your entry did not make it, please take the time to vote for your favorite couple.

Now it's in your hands. Here's how it all works: Tell all of your friends and family to become a Facebook fan. They can vote by commenting on my Facebook post "AND THE FINALISTS ARE...............". They need to simply comment with the bride and groom's names. One entry per person please, and yes I will be counting them all. Votes will be counted up until midnight December 31st. I will officially announce the winner via Facebook and my blog on January 1st. I will be on vacation so please give me some time that day to get the post made :)

What exactly does the winner get?
If the winner is an existing client, their wedding contract balance is PAID IN FULL! 

If the winner has not yet booked with Chi Photography, the winner will receive:
~ Up to 6 Hours of Ceremony and Wedding Day Coverage
~ 1 Bridal Portrait or Engagement Session
~ a DVD with all the High Resolution Images
~ and Online Photo Viewing




Nominated By: Carla Hall

I am nominating my beautiful daughter, Krista Davis and her handsome fiancĂ©e, Chris Neece!  Their wedding is planned for October 8, 2011 at The Island House on John’s Island.

First I have to say how proud I am of Krista and her journey over the past several years.  She became a single mom at the age of 17 and to say that made things just a little tough for her is an understatement!  But she worked hard, finishing high school and going on to college.  While raising her son and working part time at a restaurant, she accomplished her goal of graduating from the College of Charleston this past May!  

Of course my dream for her was to find a wonderful man who would love her, treat her with respect and accept and love her son Logan, and she found all of that in Chris.  He is a hard working guy and has great values.  

Together they make a wonderful couple and they are working very hard to save and buy a home.  Krista has dreamed of a Charleston wedding and I know her story will be told beautifully through pictures done by Chi Photography! 


Nominated By: Shane Costello

Jessica and I officially first met in grad school but I guess I could say we have Tiger Woods to thank for bringing us together…………..technically.

She invited a large group of friends to Atlanta for a golf championship. I got a last minute invite after someone else dropped out.

Somewhere between the first putt and trophy ceremony I made her laugh. A lot. She did the same. 

Several months (and a lot of gchat conversations and secret recon between our mutual friends later) our first official date consisted of me cooking fajitas and the two of us watching Elf.

Fajitas. Elf the Movie. Clearly the quintessential recipe for forever.

As silly as it sounds, I'd never had a girl for a best friend until her.

She’s all things UF.
I’m Georgetown basketball.

She’s South Carolina born and raised.
I’m as Connecticut as a Ralph Lauren ad.

She watches Jeopardy every night.
Well, I guess I do that too now........

It has been three years from that first date and our relationship has survived time and distance. I couldn't imagine my world without her. She is caring, loving, and the funniest woman I know.

I’ve been searching for the perfect Christmas present, and I remembered her talking about how much she loved your photography but that it didn’t fit our wedding budget. I am sure that November 5, 2011 will go by like a whirlwind for the two of us and I know the moments where she feels the most beautiful and I feel the most lucky are the ones we want to remember forever.

I can’t imagine anything more special, and hopefully you’ll agree.


Nominated By: Amber Murray

Nathan & I met in 2004 at Trident Tech. We met when we had three out of four classes together. His smile brightened up any room he was in. One day he approached me and asked me for my phone number which led to a lunch date and thus the beginning of our love story;

In October 2006 we found out that we were expecting our first baby together. In January 2007, two weeks after we got news that we were expecting a boy, we found out that our baby Nathan had triploidy (three of every chromosome instead of two). I lost him on January 21, 2007 after being in labor for many hours. It was very difficult for Nathan and I, but we made it. Through the heartbreak we focused on our careers. Nathan became a K9 police officer and I a certified vault teller in the banking industry.

Our love story is proof that through sadness and happiness we will remain committed to our relationship. Our love story will continue to the next chapter in our lives when we wed on April 9, 2011 at Santee Canal State Park, where I will marry the man of my dreams!


  1. I vote for


    I just salute for krista, though shes a single young mom, it didnt stop her to reach her goal, finished until college and taking care of her son at the same time.
    GOOD LUCK to you both and I wish you the best in your wedding.

    from Lhey

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  3. I voted on the FB page, but wanted to say "good Luck" to Nate and Amber!